Vision & Values

Our Vision is to Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples as we follow Jesus.  We believe in Jesus, His transforming power, and His amazing grace.  His love is for everyone.  We welcome all to worship and grow closer to Him.

God's Word is an enduring, faithful guide to life and testifies of Him whom we love

The Word of God is the basis of our faith and our lives. The scriptures were given to humans by God and are our primary source for knowing His character and plan for us.  Therefore we study God's Word and apply it to our daily living.

People matter to God, and we value people over programs.  We gather, worship, and study in a building, but we are the church.  We are a multi-generational church investing in the younger.   Through fellowship we become, and create, better disciples.  We strive to give the best of ourselves to the glory of God. 

Love and encourage one another

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ

We strive to use clear, genuine, and effective communication of the Gospel through the way we live each day and the words we use with all people.  It's our privilege to joyfully share the resources God provides us in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through our ministries and the missionaries we support.

We support and encourage one another in the development and expression of our faith in Jesus Christ.  Our teachings, messages, and ministries encourage people to grow spiritually as individuals and together as a community.

Spiritual growth


Prayer is how we express our gratitude, thoughts, feelings, and requests to God.  It's one of the ways we express our dependence on God.  We pray on our own.  We pray together.