Leading people in an active response in declaring God's Worth is the focus of our worship team.  In addition to leading the worship music during our weekly Sunday gatherings, there are seasonal choir events and music workshops held throughout the year.  Look through the event details to find out how you can become more involved with worship ministry.  Contact worship leader Pastor David Rivas

Upcoming Worship Events

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Gathered Worship

A helpful term for our Sunday services is gathered worship. This distinguishes from our daily, moment-by-moment scattered worship. In gathered worship, we pray, we give, we read God’s Word, and we sing. Singing is a huge component of the life of the church. Scripture heavily emphasizes singing, commanding it and showing examples of it, and the largest book in Scripture (Psalms) is a collection of songs from the nation of Israel. Singing connects to our souls, gives voice to our emotions, and helps us to process our situations. Singing is one of the things we’ll continue to do in heaven.


We have a blended style of music, leaning towards the contemporary. That means we mainly sing songs that have been written in the past 40 years, but still sing a hymn or two each week. It’s important for us to connect with our current culture, while still recognizing the value of the past. We typically have several people singing from the platform with mics, accompanied by guitars, piano, and drums. Sometimes we go small, just one or two instruments with a couple of voices. Whatever the ensemble, we pick songs that are Biblically sound, give expression to and lead our feelings, and are singable.

None of us have arrived. Our lives bear witness to the fact that God continues to grow us all the way home. And none of us got to where we are without help. As we strive for excellence as musicians, we know there’s always ideas to learn and skills to master. We’re pursuing growth as a team, for both the experienced among us and those who are just starting out. We regularly take time to train on concepts that are musical, expressive, and technological. And we recognize in our regular rehearsals and services that we have opportunities to improve.



Our goal is to hear and see what’s happening clearly. That includes live music, recorded videos, and especially the preaching of Scripture. A key role in our ministry is the Audio/Visual technician, who serve by managing our technology. Not a lot happens in our service without them being involved in some way. As with the musicians on the platform, we make opportunities to learn and grow in our understanding of our technology.


Participating in worship ministries is a time commitment. A typical week includes an evening rehearsal, Sunday morning review, and the service itself; that’s about 4 hours of investment, in addition to private practice. Other events at different times of year contribute more time. We take time regularly to gather and enjoy time together not making music. And as we work together, we’re intentional to build relationships to encourage and support each other, taking advantage of our proximity to pursue community.