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The Daily Reading list is used for individual bible study and discussion in many small groups.  The daily readings are displayed each month below. 

Watch videos from the Bible Project as we study the books of both the old and new testament.

September1Ezekial 4 Psalm 40-41
September2Ezekial 5Psalm 42-43
September3Ezekial 6Psalm 44
September4Ezekial 7Psalm 45
September5Ezekial 8Psalm 46-47
September6Ezekial 9Psalm 48
September7Ezekial 10Psalm 49
September8Ezekial 11Psalm 50
September9Ezekial 12Psalm 51
September10Ezekial 13Psalm 52-54
September11Ezekial 14Psalm 55
September12Ezekial 15Psalm 56-57
September13Ezekial 16Psalm 58-59
September14Ezekial 17Psalm 60-61
September15Ezekial 18Psalm 62-63
September16Ezekial 19Psalm 64-65
September17Ezekial 20Psalm 66-67
September18Ezekial 21Psalm 68
September19Ezekial 22Psalm 69
September20Ezekial 23Psalm 70-71
September21Ezekial 24Psalm 72
September22Ezekial 25Psalm 73
September23Ezekial 26Psalm 74
September24Ezekial 27Psalm 75-76
September25Ezekial 28Psalm 77
September26Ezekial 29Pslam 78:1-39
September27Ezekial 30Psalm 78:40-72
September28Ezekial 31Psalm 79
September29Ezekial 32Psalm 80
September30Ezekial 33Psalm 81-82